BlobFarm Lite Paper

Effective as of February 1, 2024.


This Lite Paper is a work in progress and could maintain errors. It is always best to check the smart contract to verify any and all claims and functions involved in Blob.Farm.

View the contract here:0xFa4...

DO NOT SPEND MORE THAN YOU ARE WILLING TO LOSE IN THIS GAME! You may lose some or all of your funds.

BlobFarm is an innovative decentralized blockchain game on the Base blockchain network, combining gamification, decentralized finance (DeFi) principles, and blockchain technology. In BlobFarm, players buy Blobs which produce Goo and then can either hatch Goo for more Blobs or sell them, engaging in a dynamic ecosystem with transparent market dynamics and tokenomics.


Blobs and Goo are only internal tokens in the BlobFarm game contract. Blobs are bought using ETH on the Base Blockchain. There is no way to withdraw Blobs or Goo outside of the game at this time. You may only hatch or sell Goo back into the smart contract for ETH on Base Blockchain. Spending Blobs is in our future roadmap and the function is included in the contract.

Game Mechanics

- Blobs & Goo: Players accumulate Goo at a set rate (0.001 Goo/s), a valuable in-game resource, through owning Blobs.

- Hatching: Goo is spent to hatch Blobs, and the hatching process is governed by a predefined price (8640 Goo / Blob).

Trading and Market Dynamics

Daily Returns

- Daily returns depend on the relative change in others buying Blobs, Selling Goo, and ETH in the vault but is roughly 1% if the vault is stable or increasing.

Buy Algo

- The buy algorithm is designed to facilitate fair and balanced trading within the BlobFarm ecosystem. The formula used is:
Blobs Bought= (PSN * bs) / (PSNH + ((PSN * rs + PSNH * rt) / rt)) / GOO_TO_HATCH_1BLOB

- PSN (Positive Slope Number): A constant representing the positive slope of the trade curve.

- PSNH (Positive Slope Number Half): Half of the PSN, contributing to a balanced algorithm.

- bs (Blob Supply): The supply of Blobs available in the market.

- rs (Resource Supply): The supply of resources (Goo) available in the market.

- rt (Resource Balance): The balance of resources in the market.

The buy algorithm ensures that as more resources are bought, the price gradually increases, preventing rapid market fluctuations. 2% fee is applied to all buys that goes to the CEO address for future development.

Sell Algo

- The sell algorithm calculates the value of Goo when a player decides to sell. The formula used is the same but we pass in Goo, marketGoo, contract balance into the formula above:
Goo Value= Trade Algorithm(goo,marketGoo,address(this).balance)

- Goo: The number of Goo being sold by the player.

- marketGoo: The total supply of Goo in the market.

- address(this).balance: The current balance of the smart contract.

The sell algorithm considers the market dynamics to determine the value of Goo based on the current balance and total supply of Goo. 2% fee is applied to all sells that goes to the CEO address for future development.


Buying Dynamics:

- If you spend a small fraction of the total contract value, you buy a corresponding fraction of the available Goo.

- Spending the entire contract balance results in buying only half of the market Goo.

Selling Dynamics:

- Selling a small fraction of the market Goo returns a corresponding fraction of the contract balance.

- Selling a large fraction of the market Goo results in receiving only a fraction of that balance.

Whale Prevention:

- Whales (large investors) cannot manipulate the market by buying a significant fraction of the Goo, as they would receive a proportionally smaller fraction of the contract balance.

- A one hour cooldown makes sure whales cannot compound constantly.


Phase 1 - Initialization:

- Smart contract deployment.

- Front-End Dapp and PWA.

- Seed market with initial resources.

Phase 2 - Game Expansion:

- Introduction of new game features.

- Community engagement initiatives.

Phase 3 - Secret Phase


BlobFarm introduces players to a win or lose, strategic gaming experience where they actively shape the in-game economy. The intricate balance between Goo, Blobs, and market dynamics fosters fairness and prevents manipulation. Join BlobFarm, where the market is not merely a backdrop but a living, evolving entity shaped by the collective decisions of players.


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